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Erickson is proud to offer the leading coach training programs in North America and globally. The Art & Science of Coaching is a world-renowned and ICF-certified coach training program that will prepare you to become a certified life coach, business coach, executive coach, or a coach in any other niche of your choice. Our highly flexible training model allows you to combine any on-site and online coach training program modules to accommodate a busy schedule.

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Module I (Facilitatrice: Moera Saule) Module II (Facilitatrice : Gaby Da Silva) Module III (Facilitatrice : Gaby Da Silva) Module IV (Facilitatrice : Sophie Bizeul)
Monday & Wednesday
August 24 - September 28
(No class September 7 - Work Holiday)
12:00pm - 3:15pm EST
Monday & Wednesday
October 19 - November 11
12:00pm - 3:15pm EST
Monday & Wednesday
November 23 - December 16
12:00pm - 3:15pm EST
Monday & Wednesday
January 18 - February 10, 2021
12:00pm - 3:15pm EST


Module I Module II Module III Module IV
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Master the Art of Coaching!

Begin your professional coaching journey by completing the world-renowned training program The Art and Science of Coaching. This unique and highly comprehensive coach training program was designed by the Master Trainer and Founder of Erickson Coaching International – Marilyn Atkinson. By training at Erickson, you acquire skills for becoming an expert coach and a proficient coaching business owner that you can apply immediately with your clients and yourself.

Life Coaching, Executive Coaching – We’ve got you covered!

In just 16 days you will acquire practical, proven skills, and the professional credentials needed to build a thriving coaching business. Our unique Solution-Focused Methodology is taught in a supportive and interactive environment that allows you to practice your new skills with peers as you learn them.

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